Through the use of current digital technologies and precise allocation of production resources Film Club 13 aims to efficiently produce bold yet profitable movies at well below average cost while posing thoughtful questions that films with bigger budgets cannot afford to ask.


Film Club 13 is a boutique film production studio headed by Christopher Arcella.

Christopher has over twenty years experience as both a designer and filmmaker. He has created over fifty short films and music videos and one feature film. His work has screened in numerous festivals and other various curated media as well as on television stations worldwide. Screenings include The Film Society of Lincoln Center, San Francisco International Film Festival (Golden Gate Award Winner), Indie Lisboa (Onda Curta Award Winner), MTV and Canal+.



Film Club 13 has:

1 feature film completed

1 feature film in production

a number of additional feature film projects in development


The Bitcoin Executor is a feature film currently in production. For more information visit www.thebitcoinexecutor.com.


Giver Taker Heartbreaker is a low-fi surrealist dark comedy shot in NYC on MiniDV in 2007 and 2008 with no money as an experimental project. The film was remastered and released in 2020 as a 90 minute feature.

“Giver Taker Heartbreaker is a jazzy, bizarre, semi-absurdist black comedy in the vein of early Jarmusch.”
Mark Elijah Rosenberg, founder of Rooftop Films and director of Approaching the Unknown

“It really feels like French New Wave, but a modern version that isn’t an imitation.”
Ari Gold, director of The Song of Sway Lake


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